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Bespoke Moulded Cable Assemblies

Moulded cable assemblies will bring you flexibility and reliability as you look towards the future. Our ability to manufacture complex wire looms through to discrete wire assemblies among other types is trusted across the world for application in a wide range of settings.

At Contour Electronics you will be offered everything that you need to achieve a set of moulded cable assemblies which will improve your current setup. Whether you are searching for replacement overmoulded cable assemblies or you are looking for fully personalised and printed cables, we can help you.

Why trust in our professional team at Contour Electronics?

To ensure that you have faith in our services in the UK and across the world, we need to show you why our work has a gained a worldwide reputation. From our ISO accreditations through to our ability to produce bespoke cable assemblies in both the UK and the Far East using our manufacturing capabilities, we are the ideal team to choose.

Our professionals in the sector are ready to take on board your issues, problems and opportunities to find the solutions. To discover more about our moulded cable assembly creation, get in contact with us today.

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