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A Reliable Supplier Of Anti-Microbial Cables

When it comes to having cables in the medical sector, cleanliness and reliability are highly important and it’s crucial for cables to be made of materials which can prevent bacterial growth.

If you’re looking for a highly qualified, expert partner to supply bespoke medical cables, Contour Electronics could be the ideal supplier. We not only manufacture anti-microbial cables but those which are sterilisable, flame-retardant and manufactured from biocompatible materials.

Whether you require single-use, disposable assemblies or custom mouldings, Contour Electronics offers a wide range of cable assemblies and are a reliable, expert partner.

We regularly supply anti-microbial cables to the medical industry and have been incorporating SteriTouch masterbatch into our cable assemblies for several years.

This involves using a silver ion-based additive will ensures that the cable will have a long-life span and be resistant to corrosive chemical wash-downs. SteriTouch should remain effective for the entire lifespan of the product and will not affect the performance of the base material.

Contour Electronics have extensive experience of medical cable assemblies and can offer Class 7 clean room manufacturing in the Far East. Our anti-microbial cables are resistant to mould, bacteria and fungus, making them ideal for medical environments.

We can also provide all the packaging needed to keep cables in good condition.

Why not read more about our anti-microbial cables today?

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