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Adaptable Double-Sided Flexible Circuit

Have you been tasked to discover a company that can produce a Double-Sided Flexible Circuit?

Flexibility is the synonym of our flexible circuits. Our flexible printed circuits are UL approved and manufactured in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949 Quality Management Systems. We offer many options with our flexible circuit manufacturing, one of our most popular being our Double-Side Flexible Circuits.

Flexible circuits are designed to be the solution when you require minimal space to be taken up within a product. A Double-Sided Flex should be used when the circuit density and layout cannot be successfully routed on a Single Layer Flex Circuit.

We work with many companies across the UK and have constructed flexible circuits for a whole host of industries. With the assistance of the latest manufacturing technologies, we produce a range of Single-Sided, Double-Sided Flexis and Multi-Layer, through to complex flex rigid with custom packaging for automation handling.

The key benefit with flexible circuits is their space saving qualities – they’re known to provide the thinnest and lightest interconnect method available – and their high reliability.

We offer a complete range of innovative electrical solutions, including electronic manufacturing services, medical products, cable assemblies, cable integration and bespoke connector services.

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