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Anti-Microbial Cable For Your Medical Facility

Coronavirus continues to spread at a worrying rate, as a result it’s important now than ever to have the appropriate cabling, connectors and technology within the medical industry.  

Our purpose-built class 7 cleanroom allow us to create anti-microbial cables ready for use within any medical facility. We’re capable of handling everything from the initial design of the cable, down to the finishing jackets. The anti-microbial design ensures that the cables are resistant to bacteria and capable of being used for a prolonged period of time.

Not only are we capable of providing low-cost cable assembly and injection moulding in our purpose-built class 7 cleanroom, but we’re capable of assisting with the acquirement of ISO10994 compliant, bio-compatible materials, capable of withstanding irradiation, EtO or autoclaving.

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