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Anti-Microbial Cables To Your Exact Requirements

At Contour Electronics, we’ve been producing cable assemblies for over 20 years with our electrical solutions including the highest quality anti-microbial cables. These types of cables are ideal for the medical industry when clean room manufacturing is of the highest importance.

We offer exceptional customer support for anybody looking for a long-term supplier, with technically trained account managers who can work with you to ensure we produce anti-microbial cables to your exact requirements.

Anti-microbial cables are just one of our many capabilities, which also include fully integrated, over-mouldings, complex wiring looms, custom jacketed cables, coiling, discrete wire assemblies, robust/braided assemblies, and build to print assemblies.

Quality is assured with our ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016 accreditations and we offer testing and design verification services which include:

Contour Electronics can produce biocompatible materials in our Class 7 cleanroom where we manufacture products suitable for even the most demanding clinical environments, including anti-microbial cables. Quality and cleanliness come guaranteed for your product when produced in this environment.

Cable assemblies can easily be customised with colours, logos, labels and cable jacket printing.

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