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Anti-Microbial Cables

Anti-microbial cables are used primarily in medical manufacturing and food manufacturing to prevent the growth of bacteria, reducing the risk of infection. Anti-microbial cables must be able to withstand abrasive chemicals, extreme temperatures and harsh environments. These cables are ideal for use in doctors’ surgeries and hospitals as not only do they minimise the risk of infection, but also improve hygiene standards.

Do you need to acquire anti-microbial cables? Contour Electronics has supplied the medical device industry with a wide range of cables and connectors for many years. From cable assemblies to cleanroom manufacturing, we can provide the high quality products you require.

We offer a range of bespoke cable products, including anti-microbial cables. Cleanliness and compliance are incredibly important when it comes to the manufacturing of products for the medical device industry. If you are looking for a new supply partner, then look to Contour Electronics.

Reliable and with fully-secured connections, our products will remain effective for the duration of their life. From anti-microbial cables to single-use cables, we can meet your expectations.

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