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The Benefits Of Bio-Compatible Plastics

Do you work in the medical industry and need cables which use bio-compatible plastics?

Highly important in the medical industry, bio-compatible plastics are affordable and easy to produce, but also take patient safety into account.

‘Bio-compatible’ refers to the fact the plastic can perform without impacting basic immunological functions of the body, along with enhancing healing functions without causing any injuries, nor any allergic or toxic reactions.

Enabling you to deliver safer and more effective medical solutions, bio-compatible plastics can help you meet the demands of modern science.

At Contour Electronics Ltd, our products include those which are made of bio-compatible plastics, including those which are ISO10993 compliant.

As a socially responsible company, we are committed to helping you comply with all necessary regulations. We have extensive experience in medical cable assemblies and clean room manufacturing, using anti-microbial cables based on ionic silver.

Contour Electronics Ltd support our customers in many ways, including assisting with the selection of ISO10993 compliant, bio-compatible materials which can withstand sterilization processes such as irradiation, EtO or autoclaving.

If you’re looking for a highly qualified partner in the medical industry, look towards Contour Electronics today.

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