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Bespoke Cable Assemblies

When you require bespoke cable assemblies, you can always guarantee that by partnering with us we’ll collaborate to ensure you receive the tailored wiring you require for your component or system.

At Contour Electronics, we have formed a positive relationship with our many clients in an array of industries. Wire and cabling work is required in many sectors, and we’re equipped with the latest tools and skilled personnel to ensure that your experience with us and the end result meets the highest standards.

From the initial design and concept to the end product, we specialise in the delivery of innovative electronic solutions, ranging from electronic manufacturing services to the construction and design of cable assemblies, flexible circuits and connectors.

We have worked on some of the strictest projects within cabling, and one of the strictest industries is the medical sector. Our quality assurance and quality management systems allow us to compete with the strict standards of any industry – we’re accredited with ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2012, certified by LRQA.

With our own strict standards, we endeavour to provide the best product offerings and transparent service to meet your needs.

With manufacturing services in the UK and a partnership with our Far East manufacturing facilities, we can provide cabling solutions at the highest quality and at affordable rates.

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