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Bespoke Connectors

Looking for bespoke connectors? Here at Contour, we understand that connectors are utilised across a wide range of industries, and so creating a connector that suits the interest of more than one company can be difficult. This is why we offer a bespoke service in terms of electrical connectors.

Our connectors will be bespoke and suitable only to you – Whether you require a custom or standard connector system, with a small form factor or high pin count, we will design and create it for you. Our strong understanding of connectors derives from our drive in technological components and the agreement of a strong partnership with Ulti-Mate and ODU. These partnerships allow us to deliver both Micro and Nano-D sub connectors, with metal and plastic shells; as well as circular push/ pull latching metal and plastic connectors.

Although we are specifically confident with providing clients with bespoke connector solutions, we also provide additional services for electronic manufacturing, medical, cable assembly, integration and flexible circuits.

Our medical component knowledge is also part of our work that is extremely specialised, bespoke and effective. Where cleanliness is strife, we’re here to provide quality medical assemblies and clean room products. We provide cable assemblies, bespoke cables, contract manufacturing, flexible printed circuits, medical device contract packaging and more.

Interacting with our clients is a fundamental part of our service – which is why we invite you to meet us at the Compamed 2015 Trade Fair in Dusseldorf.

Find us in Hall 8b, Stand E38 and settle down with us; because we’ll be offering high-tech solutions for medical applications and associated companies.

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