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Bio-Compatible Plastics

Do you need support with Bio-Compatible plastics? Plastics play a major role in the design and manufacture of devices for the medical and healthcare market and it is the responsibility of the medical device OEM to ensure that plastics specified are non-toxic and non-irritant. Specifying certified bio-compatible plastics in the design phase of a project can reduce the time required to achieve CE mark certification and get your product to market quicker. Cleanliness, quality and compliance are fundamental and this is where Contour’s experience of medical cable assemblies and clean room manufacturing is playing a vital role across the globe.

We enjoy helping our client to transform concepts and specifications into finished products using thorough design engineering, prototyping, pre-production and final box build. We are highly qualified and extremely experienced with providing such a complete service and becoming an expert partner of you and your system. We regularly advise medical device manufacturers about a range of bio-compatible materials which meet the requirements of ISO10993 and suit the sterilisation method of their choice. Our experience with these materials means that we know which are bio-compatible and suitable for sterilisation and cost effective. This has helped our customers to overcome any problems they may face with bio-compatible material choice and sterilisation.

If you’re reading this and you love the sound of our medical technology then we would love to meet you. We are actually exhibiting at a Medical exhibition known as Compamed. It is in Dusseldorf, Germany on the 16th-19th of November. We are excited to meet anyone interested in what we do and would be very happy to speak to you individually to answer any questions that you have.

Compamed Trade Fair is a High-Tech Solution Fair for medical technologies and companies.

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