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Biocompatible Plastics

Plastics technology has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. Plastic is malleable and low in cost, which keeps production costs low. The use of plastic in the production of medical devices brings with it health and environmental risks, thus the need for biocompatibility.

Medical device performance is essential, as is using the right materials to make that device. Biocompatible plastics are used in the production of medical devices to reduce the risk of problems occurring. With biocompatible plastics, medical devices can be made available at lower costs. From heart valve structures and blood tubing to catheter linings, biocompatible plastics are used in many applications.

Contour Electronics manufactures a wide range of products for the medical device industry, including bespoke cables and biocompatible materials. We can help with the selection of ISO10993 compliant biocompatible materials. With our Class 7 clean room and commitment to quality and compliance, if you need medical cable assemblies, then we can meet all your specific requirements.

Medical assemblies are at the heart of what we do. Whatever your needs, we can meet them.

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