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Cable Assemblies

When you require customised cabling, you can always expect the highest level of attention from our expert team here at Contour Electronics Ltd. One of our primary proficiency is our ability to form cable assemblies to best suit your product. We’re a highly reputable company which is recognised for our cable assembly expertise, and we provide a wide selection of services, including the design, manufacture and testing of your cabling.

With each of our clients, we take a bespoke approach to ensure that their wiring is tailored to best suit their vision, and ensure that it is formed to the highest quality to meet strict standards. Cables can be customised and personalised in a number of ways, and with our support, you can benefit from our experience. We can customise cabling to suit your desired colouring, with label jacket printing and more. Our cable assemblies offer various disciplines, including coiling, wiring looms, discrete wire assemblies and braided assemblies to name a few.

We build our cable assemblies with reliable components and cabling from our trusted manufacturers and partners. This ensures our clients that they will receive an interconnect system which meets the highest standards. We’ve been building, providing and designing cable assemblies for over 20 years now, and we are constantly transforming products across the globe.

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