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Cable Assemblies Manufacturers in the UK

If you’re searching for cable manufacturers in the UK, you can always rely on Contour Electronics for the design, manufacture and production of first-class interconnect systems.

With our extensive experience and bespoke design service, you can purchase interconnect products which are of the highest possible standards.

From the initial design to conception, we offer interconnect solutions that meet all your design and manufacturing needs.

When you work with our technically trained technicians, we’ll ensure you feel supported throughout the entire process. With our experience and knowledge, electrical products are always designed and built to the highest standards.

We build our cable assemblies using only trusted components and cabling from trusted manufacturers and partners, to ensure that your interconnect system not only meets your requirements, but meets all the industry standards.

By working with ODU Connectors and Ulti-Mate Connector Inc, we can offer the best selection of products for tailored applications.

Having built and designed cable assemblies for over 25 years, Contour are constantly launching innovative products that meet the needs of manufacturers all over the world. All cables can be personalised upon request with colours, logos, labels and cable jacket prints.


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