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Cable Assemblies In The UK

From our office and manufacturing site in the UK, to our facilities in Hong Kong, Contour Electronics have a large responsibility in creating electronic products for companies and businesses across the globe.

For over twenty years we have supplied and provided a wide range of cable assemblies in the UK. Getting to grips with complex wiring can easily leave you tangled in a web of technical lingo, when really what you need is trained people talking you through what you require and how they’re going to implement it. That’s what our team of experts do here at Contour Electronics, we want you to be up to date, knowledgeable and committed to working with us.

We can create custom jacketed cables for a variety of workplaces, personalised designs and in-house equipment to manufacture exactly what you need.

Why should you rely on us for our cable assemblies? The International Organisation, Lloyds, have certified our QMS systems comply with international standards, so you can be sure that the cable assemblies we produce here at Contour are trusted – allowing us to create and sell to you. This gives you reassurance about the quality of the product you are purchasing.

The cable assemblies we manufacture can be verified through a diverse and stringent set of tests that include bending, pulling and flame retardancy to guarantee your product is ready for use and clinch your peace of mind.

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