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Cable Assemblies

A cable assembly is a cable of varying length, with one or more connectors at the ends. There are many options available, from complex wiring looms and braided assemblies to discrete wire assemblies. If you want to find a dedicated supply partner, look to Contour Electronics.

Cable assembly has formed part of our product output for many years, and it is a specialist area for us. With experience across a diverse range of disciplines, we can design and develop any interconnect system to meet your specific needs.

Cables can be personalised, and if required, work can be carried out in our Class 7 clean room, giving you assurance that the final product meets all the necessary quality and cleanliness standards.

Working across the UK and the Far East, we are the company to choose for cable assembly production. We are both committed to maintaining high product standards and providing the very best customer service.

If you want to know you are getting the best quality interconnect solutions, then look to Contour Electronics.

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