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Cable Assembly

Are you looking for a reliable cable assembly manufacturer to produce customised and effective cabling for your machine or product? Here at Contour we create a wide choice of cable assemblies on a daily basis for our clients, these cables are suitable for a range of applications. Ensure you find an affordable and effective interconnect solution by using Contour today.

We have worked with a huge number of clients in the past, all of which are from different backgrounds and specialising in varying trades. We’ve created cable assemblies for a large spectrum of industries from the medical industry to the industrial, and the automotive industry to product manufacturing companies.
We have been privileged to provide cable assemblies to our clients across Europe for over 20 years now. Our technically trained and knowledgeable account managers always work hard to ensure that their client is happy when designing and developing their interconnect system. We cover a wide and diverse range of cabling products including fully integrated & overmoulded cables, complex wiring looms, custom jacketed cabling – designed & manufactured, Coiling, discrete wiring assemblies, robust & braided assemblies and build to print assemblies.

We manufacture in the far east as well as the UK, enabling us to offer flexible manufacturing to suit your quality and budget. All of our cables are personalised to you, not only can you expect quality cabling, but you can expect personalised cabling with your own choice of colour, logos, labels and cable jacket printing.

Whether you require a cable assembly or rigorous testing for your cable assembly, we can help.

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