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Cable Assembly And Integration

When you require expert cable assembly and integration services, you can always benefit from the expertise we provide here at Contour Electronics. Cable assembly and integration is a part of our DNA and has been one of the integral services that we have provided to our clients for the past 20 years.

The aim for us is to always provide a comprehensive service for our clients, which is why we offer a test and verification service to verify that all of our assemblies and integration services meet your required specification, however strict it may be.

With our experienced team and modern facilities, we have the capability to design and incorporate company logos with personalised designs as well as colour matching. This can be great for a whole range of companies and industries, especially for those who are looking to command their print on their products, and want to increase their brand awareness.

We manufacture in the far east as well as the UK, enabling us to offer flexible manufacturing to suit your quality and budget.

When you need a neat, secure, reliable and aesthetically pleasing end product, our integration service is the most efficient and effective way of receiving the product you require.

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