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Cable Assembly Manufacturers in the UK

Bespoke cable assembly manufacturing is our speciality – we complete our assembly manufacturing at a low-cost and meeting the high standards set by our clients and their industry. However strict your expectations may seem, do not worry, because we know that all cable assemblies need to be engineered to suit your requirements, and we’ll always work with you throughout the project.

We’re the first choice for cable assembly manufacturers in the UK and will always allow you to work with a technical trained account manager to ensure your cable assembly needs are met every time.

Build your Cable Assembly in a Cleanroom
If it’s a cleanroom cable assembly you require, then we can construct this for you in our modern and sterile cleanroom. The medical device industry is one of our leading industries that we work for regularly and have done for a number of years. Our experience with medical cable assemblies and clean room manufacturing plays a vital role in the sector, and we can help you too if this is the type of sterile cable assembly you need.

Medical cable assemblies can include single-use assemblies, custom mouldings, discrete cable assemblies, bespoke cables and encapsulated PCBa. Our key manufacturing base in the Far East provides low cost cable assemblies and injection mouldings in our purpose-built Class 7 clean room.

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