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Cable Assembly Manufacturers In The UK

Contour Electronics Ltd are expert cable assembly manufacturers who offer electrical solutions to companies all over the UK.

Whether you require cable assemblies for the medical sector, or complex wiring loom and PCBA integration, our cable assembly manufacturers are highly versatile and can produce bespoke cable electronic solutions for even the most demanding clinical environments.

From flexible circuits, for the thinnest interconnect available, to robust braided assemblies, we encompass a wide and diverse range of disciplines.

We manufacture in both the UK and the Far East, which helps us to offer the most flexible services imaginable. Quality is assured with our ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 13485:2016 accreditations, and we regularly carry out testing and design verification services.

Our partners include ODU and Ulti-mate who help us deliver the finest quality products imaginable.

As environmentally-friendly manufacturers, we are dedicated to maintaining green practices and consider the impact of our products from design to completion. We work in partnership with Far East manufacturing facilities and partners to ensure our products meet the highest possible standards.

When you choose our cable assembly manufacturers, you’ll also enjoy exceptional customer service and local inventory management, along with global logistics and supply chain solutions.

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