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Cable Assembly Manufacturers In The UK

Do you have a certain product which requires effective cabling, protection, wiring or branding? Here at Contour Electronics we have gained a reputation for being the reliable cable assembly manufacturer in the UK.

We as a team are avid cable assembly manufacturers who enjoy the planning and construction process. Our extensive manufacturing service is ideal for clients with specific cabling needs. You can always feel confident when you come to work with us because we hold years of experience along with the finest materials and facilities.

We have been building and designing cable assemblies for over 20 years, and we are always looking to transform products across the globe in an array of industries.

Along with our purposely built Class 7 clean room, we can meet the strictest cleanliness standards also; which is particularly useful for the medical industry.

We wouldn’t be able to achieve everything we have without our trusted partnerships with ODU Connectors and Ulti-Mate Connector Inc. This allows us to design and manufacture effective interconnect solutions with high quality products and efficient assembly techniques.

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