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Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Are you a business which requires a custom-made cable assembly for your device? Our cable assembly manufacturing utilises the latest tools and products on the market. When you require custom cable assemblies, you can always rely on our expert team here at Contour Electronics.

The team here are passionate about what we do, and because we offer a professional and in-depth design and manufacturing service for our client’s cabling needs, you can always feel confident when you come to work with us.

Along with our experience, we hold a great amount of knowledge for all the items which require cable assemblies, therefore allowing us to produce the highest quality of cable assembly. With our components and cabling, you can always guarantee to receive a cable assembly which is just right to fit with your desired interconnect system. We’ve built and designed cable assemblies for over 20 years, and we are always looking to transform products across the globe.

We work with a great variety of specialist industries, one of which includes the medical sector. There are high expectations within this sector, and this is why we can form medical cable assemblies in our Class 7 clean room – which is suitable when your item needs to meet exceptionally high cleanliness standards.

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