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Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Do you have a product or component that requires a tailored cable assembly? One of our specialist skills is our cable assembly manufacturing, where we can form any type of cable assembly to suit your specific requirements. However strict your standards are, we’ll do our best to not only meet them, but exceed them.

We create cable assemblies on a daily basis to suit our client’s requirements; however complex they are. With a diverse clientele, we’ve experienced a great variety of requirements in terms of designing and constructing cable assemblies. The assemblies we create are suitable for an array of industries, but our specialist sector to serve is the medical industry, in particular, medical devices.

Our experience of medical cable assemblies and clean room manufacturing is playing an integral part in the sector. Our cleanliness levels are second to none. Our medical device assembly and injection moulding in our purpose-built Class 7 clean room is maintaining the cleanliness required.

For an interconnect system, you can rely on our skilled team to deliver your bespoke interconnect system. We provide fully integrated & overmoulded cables, complex wiring looms, custom jacketed cabling, coiling, discrete wiring assemblies, robust & braided assemblies and build to print assemblies.

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