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Cable Assembly

Looking for a company that specialises in providing a quality cable assembly service? Then look no further than Contour Electronics Ltd.

Searching for a company that can provide a compact, organised and expert cable assembly can be a challenge, but Contour have been providing a superior cable assembly service for the past 20 years. Having cables and wires poking out and weaving around looks extremely untidy for any power source or product, but with a compact and neat cable assembly, you won’t see these wires and cables, instead you’ll see a neat and compact unit. Contour’s cable assembly service comprehends a wide and diverse range of needs including fully integrated & overmoulded, complex wiring looms, custom jacketed cable – designed & manufactured, coiling, discrete wire assemblies, robust & braided assemblies and build to print assemblies.

As an in house cable structure designer and manufacturer, Contour are able to supply you with exactly what you need. There can be no design compromise. With such bespoke services you are in charge. Whether you require Anti-Microbial or custom coiled cables, Contour can design and manufacture it to perfectly match your requirements. All cables can be personalised with colours, logos, labels and cable jacket printing.

Contour enjoy meeting their clients. So if you want to find out more about Contour’s full range of services then jot this date down in your diary. On the 16th-19th of November Contour will be in Dusseldorf, Germany exhibiting at a Medical exhibition known as Compamed. This trade fair is a High-Tech Solution Fair for medical technologies and companies.

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