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Where Can I Find Bespoke Connectors

Are you wondering where you can find bespoke connectors for your product? By using our expertise and experience here at Contour Electronics, we’ll be able to work collaboratively to design and produce a connector to suit your requirements.

We’re most known for our cable assembly offering, but we also offer a wide range of connectors. Because cables and connectors are used for multiple applications across a range of industries, we have the experience to work within the strictest restrictions to produce a connector for your project.

We have the capacity to provide standard or custom connector systems, ranging from small form factor or a high pin count. Our years of experience gives us the confidence to provide bespoke connector solutions. We’ve worked on a variety of projects, from complex interconnect solutions to push pull plastic connectors. When you need a bespoke solution, we will work with you to make sure the final product meets with your expectations.

Our partnership with Ulti-Mate and ODU allows us to deliver the highest calibre connectors, including but not limited to Micro/Nano-D & micro strips and circular push/pull plastic and metal connectors.

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