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Why Choose Our UK Cable Assembly Manufacturing?

Contour Electronics are trusted global experts in the conception, design, production, stockholding and logistics of bespoke electronical solutions.

With our powerful quality solutions, our manufacturers can produce cable assemblies designed to your specific needs.

We work with a wide range of industry sectors all over the world, including the medical, industrial and communication industries in the UK. Our comprehensive service is designed around your needs, helping you at every stage of any project.

Cable assembly manufacturers in the UK who offer true end-to-end services.

The cable assembly team at Contour can help you at every stage, from early project involvement to the production of custom PCBA, cable assemblies, connectors and plastic mouldings through to testing, inspection and calibration, along with packaging and shipping.

We can design and deliver your next bespoke interconnect project to the highest standards, whether you require custom contact solutions, bespoke hardware or flexible circuits. Our in-house engineering team can also offer the manufacture of cables, offering a total solution for your project.

Read more reasons to choose our UK manufacturing. Or for more information, simply get in touch today on +44 (0)1256 761111.

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