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Cleanroom Cable Assembly

We are a trusted manufacturer of bespoke cable assemblies in the UK and across the globe. We meet the strictest standards set by a client or in aid of adhering to the guidelines set within an industry. From a single discrete wire to a complex wiring loom, we can manufacture the right cable assembly to suit your specific requirements.

If it’s a cleanroom cable assembly that you require, then we can construct this for you in our modern and sterile cleanroom. We have provided cable assemblies for the medical device industry for a number of years, and know exactly how important it is for cleanliness, quality and compliance. Our experience with medical cable assemblies and clean room manufacturing plays a vital role in the sector.

Our main aim is to support our clients to transform concepts and specifications through design engineering, prototyping, pre-production and final box build into medical devices.

The medical cable assemblies we form include single-use assemblies, custom mouldings, discrete cable assemblies, bespoke cables and encapsulated PCBa. We have a manufacturing base in the Far East, which provides low cost cable assemblies and injection mouldings in our purpose-built Class 7 clean room.

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