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Custom Cable Assemblies

For custom cable assemblies from a reliable cable assembly manufacturer, look no further than Contour.

Our bespoke electronic solutions are suitable for a variety of industry sectors. We have a global network of clients and have worked with some of the biggest names in multiple industries, most specifically for the medical, industrial and communications industries. With the combination of all our services, you can be confident in our cabling expertise and believe in our ability to complete a wide variety of tasks and projects with our cable assemblies, cable integrations, product design, plastic moulding, testing & inspection, and packaging services.

We as a company have a great deal of experience with cable assemblies and are confident in our ability to provide proficient anti-microbial, bio-compatible or custom coiled cabling. Each of the cables we design and manufacture can be personalised, which means that we can use specific colours, logos, labels and cable jackets tailored to your needs.

We endeavour to provide you with an affordable and effective interconnect solution to suit your requirements. By utilising our team here at Contour, you can always aim to achieve the best standards.

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