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Custom Cable Assemblies

Are you a business looking for a company that provides you with the freedom to design and create your own cable assemblies? Here at Contour Electronics Limited we allow our clients to have full control of their cable assemblies. We do this by allowing our expert and knowledgeable account managers to get to know the client’s demands with in-depth conversations, by speaking about a variety of prospects – ranging from the aims of the cables assemblies to the styling of the cables.

Our clients can always be confident that by using our expertise, knowledge and products, they will receive exactly what they require. We build our cable assemblies using trusted components and cabling from our trusted manufacturers and partners.
We’ve been building and providing cable assemblies for over 20 years now, and we are constantly revolutionising our products to benefit our clients. We provide a diverse range of disciplines including fully integrated & overmoulding, complex wiring looms, custom jacketed cable, designed and manufactured, coiling, discrete wire assemblies and build to print assemblies. Whether you require effective Anti-Microbial or custom coiled cables, we will be able to effectively design and manufacture in house to your exact requirements.

We specialise in providing electronic solutions, which means that we can help with a variety of electronic aspects of an industry and business. Due to our experience and knowhow of materials, we are able to provide bio-compatible materials that are suitable for sterilisation and cost effectiveness.
We can provide electronic manufacturing services, medical cable assemblies, integration, flexible circuits and connectors.

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