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Custom Cable Assembly

Custom cable assembly has been part of our product offering for over 20 years now and is somewhat an integral part of our DNA here at Contour. With the ability to offer complex wiring looms, custom jacketed cabling (designed & manufactured), coiling, discrete wire assemblies, robust & braided assemblies and build to print assemblies, we’re confident we can offer you the technical cabling service you require.

Cable design and manufacturing is one of the things we do best, and we will be able to design and manufacture whatever it is you require.

With our bespoke approach, we always ensure that the highest quality is assured and that your cabling exceeds the strictest demands. If you require cleanliness for your product, then we can ensure that your cable assembly is manufactured in a sterile environment. Your cable assembly can be manufactured in our class 7 clean room, which is suitable for our clients within the medical sector.

When you come to work with us you will be assigned your very own technically trained account manager, who will work with you to understand your requirements and assist you in developing your interconnect system.

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