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Custom Made Cable Assemblies

Are you looking for custom made cable assemblies as a solution for the manufacture of your product? At Contour Electronics, we work with an array of industries to produce cable assemblies to suit the needs of your products.

We can offer cable assembly manufacturing in the UK and Far East – this allows us to offer competitive prices, along with high quality construction. From a single discrete wire to a complex wiring loom, there are no limits to what we can achieve with our cable assembly manufacturing. Our key offering includes overmoulding and PCBA integration amongst other processes.

We offer a bespoke service to each of our clients, so you can guarantee that whatever you require from your cable assembly, we’ll deliver it for you. Whether you require anti-microbial or custom coiled cables, we can design and manufacture it in-house to match your requirements. Cable Assembly is in our blood – for over 20 years now we have been manufacturing bespoke cable assemblies.

Cable assembly is one of our integral electronic solutions we provide to our clients – we also offer electronic manufacturing services, cable integration, flexible circuits and connector expertise.

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