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Custom Medical Cable Assemblies

One of our key offering as a business has been expert cable assembly services for a wide spectrum of industries. One industry we serve is the medial sector, where we can manufacture custom medical cable assemblies to meet the highest standards.

A cable assembly varies in length and can hold one or more connectors at the ends. We offer many options in terms of designing and manufacturing your custom medical cable assembly; from complex wiring looms and braided assemblies to discrete wire assemblies, we’re confident that together, we can produce a medical cable assembly to suit.

In terms of medical devices, sanitation, excellence and compliance are integral in the creation of a medical component, and we have the greatest facilities to ensure that your medical cable assembly complies with your intended standards. Our purposely built Class 7 clean room is our key medical manufacturing base in the Far East, providing quality craftsmanship and low cost cable assembly for our medical clients.

Our services to the medical industry branches much further than just manufacturing cable assemblies. We can also support with Project Management, Product Design & Engineering and more.

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