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Our Custom Medical Cable Assemblies

Are you looking for a manufacturer who has extensive experience of medical cable assemblies?

Contour Electronics Ltd have a deep appreciation of this industry and understand how important cleanliness, quality and compliance are to medical equipment manufacturers. Offering first-class design engineering, prototyping, pre-production and final box build, Contour Electronics can transform any concept into reality.

In order to produce custom medical cable accessories, we have built a Class 7 clean room to ensure that cleanliness is achieved and maintained at all times.

When it comes to custom medical cable assemblies, we can assist with the selection of ISO10993 compliant, bio-compatible materials which can withstand the sterilisation process, providing exceptional engineering support to assist with their selection.

Furthermore, we can support both low volume and high mix projects and offer full materials and procurement capabilities to companies in the medical industry. Our custom medical cable assemblies include single-use, disposable assemblies; custom mouldings; discrete cable accessories; bespoke cables; and encapsulated PCBa.

With effective implantation of IQ, OQ and PQ, you will have full validation of internal processes during the production of your medical cable assemblies.

Discover more about our custom medical cable assemblies.

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