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Custom Medical Cable Assemblies

Are you currently struggling to find a reliable supply partner who can design and manufacture custom medical cable assemblies? By using our expert team here at Contour Electronics, you will be able to work with us to supply a cable assembly to meet your needs.

A cable assembly is a cable that varies in length and can hold one or more connectors at the ends. There are many options available to you in terms of designing and manufacturing your custom medical cable assembly; from complex wiring looms and braided assemblies to discrete wire assemblies. Our cable assembly capabilities include full integration, overmouldings, complex wiring looms, coiling, antimicrobial cable, discrete assemblies, robust & braided assemblies, and build to print assemblies.

We manufacture our cabling in the far east as well as the UK, and this enables us great flexibility in terms of manufacturing to suit the client’s expectations and budget. All of our cables can be personalised to your demands, so not only can you expect quality cabling, but you can expect modified cabling with your own choice of colour, logos, labels and cable jacket printing. If required, we can manufacture the cable assembly in our Class 7 clean room, giving you assurance that the final product meets all the necessary quality and cleanliness standards.

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