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Delivering Overmoulded Connectors For Your Project

To meet the demands of your project and its plans, you will come across a number of problems and issues. These difficulties can often lie with the connector systems you have purchased. By speaking and working with a professional team such as ours at Contour Electronics you can have a custom-made set of overmoulded connectors that will help you realise your project and ensure it reaches its potential.

How does our work with two leading connector companies makes us the ideal choice?

Ulti Mate Connector and ODU Connectors are the two companies that we work with closely to help produce the best quality products for you. As the official European Sales Partner for Ulti Mate and as an authorised distributor for ODU Connectors, you can put trust in our team to combine our experience with the assured standards that these renowned brands offer.

Why choose Contour Electronics for your overmoulded connectors?

Our service is chosen by companies who want to find the solutions quickly and effectively. That’s why have honed our services to offer both standard connectors available in small form factors and high pin counts through to fully-customised connectors suited to your precise requirements.

To start discussing these options with our team at Contour Electronics and to see how we are able to help you, speak with us today.

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