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Discrete Cable Assemblies

Technical bespoke solutions for your discrete cable assemblies

Here at Contour Electronics Ltd our technically trained account managers can work with you to understand your unique requirements, assisting in designing your interconnect system and offering the support you need to move a project forward.

By choosing Contour Electronics for your cable assembly requirements, you can be assured of a bespoke professional service.

Whatever your cable assembly requirement we can design and manufacture a bespoke solution for your needs. Whether you’re looking for complex wiring looms, custom jacketed cables, coiling, discrete wire assemblies, built to print assemblies, robust braided assemblies or over moulded cable assemblies we can help.

We can offer test and verification services to ensure all cable assemblies meet your specifications. In addition, we can also design and incorporate company logos and personalised designs along with accurate colour matching.

By entrusting our team at Contour Electronics with both cable assembly creation and integration, you will achieve improved organisation and flexibility. We work with a variety of clients for their electronics requirements.

Cost-effective design improvement solutions are just one aspect we can help with. To discover more about our cable assemblies and integration services at Contour Electronics, get in contact with us today.

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