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Discrete Cable Assemblies

Are you looking for a custom cable solution? Do you want a supply partner you can rely on?

Wires and cable products link together electronic equipment. The quality and efficiency of the cabling or wiring is vital to ensure reliable communication and prevent signal disruption. If you need a source for discrete cables assemblies, then look to Contour Electronics.

Cable assemblies have been a part of our product range for over 20 years. Capabilities in addition to discrete cable assemblies include braided assemblies, overmouldings, wiring looms and coiling, among others.

Cable assembly design and manufacturing takes place in-house, allowing us to meet your exact design requirements. All cables can be personalised, such as printed with your logo or chosen colour. If cleanliness is necessary, then your cable assembly can be manufactured in our clean room. Quality is assured, and we can carry out tests to ensure the efficiency of the product.

Are you looking for an interconnect solution for a specific application? Whatever your cable assembly needs, look to Contour Electronics for quality, efficient products you can rely on.

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