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Durable Anti-Microbial Cables

Medical Anti-Microbial Cable Assemblies

When working in any medical field, maintaining hygiene is an absolute must, and now more than ever before we need to ensure we are keeping equipment clean and sterile.

Here at Contour Electronics Ltd we are proud to offer our anti-microbial cables manufactured in our class 7 clean room facility to businesses across the country so you can protect everyone who comes into contact with your equipment.

For some time, we have been incorporating SteriTouch masterbatch into our cable assemblies. The SteriTouch products we use are made with Ionic silver, as organisms are unable to develop resistance to ionic silver, making it a useful tool in areas where resistance to organic biocides may be a problem.

What’s more, The SteriTouch added at the extrusion process has no adverse effect on the performance of the base material, meaning you can depend on it to work for the life of the product.

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