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Experts in Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Do you need a highly qualified, expert partner for cable assembly manufacturing?

Whether you require volume industrial cables or bespoke cables manufactured in a Class 7 Clean Room for the medical industry, Contour Electronics Ltd can deliver.

We specialise in the highest quality cable assembly manufacturing with our products used by companies all over the world, including those in the UK and the Far East.

Our cable assembly manufacturing includes the production of a wide range of products for the medical industry, including single-use disposable assemblies, custom mouldings, discrete cable assemblies, bespoke cables and encapsulated PCBa.

Serving the unique needs of the medical industry.

Our low-cost cable assembly and injection mouldings are produced in a purpose-built Class 7 clean room to ensure the high levels of cleanliness are maintained. Contour Electronics specialise in the design and manufacture of over-moulded cable assemblies using bio-compatible materials, sterilizable by autoclave, EO or irradiation.

Our team can transform concepts and specifications through design engineering, prototyping, pre-production and final build-box into a medical device suitable for volume production.

With our bespoke design and manufacturing service, you can enjoy a complete end-to-end product lifecycle solution for your products, including testing and calibration, packaging, stocking and distribution.

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