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Find Micro D Connectors Online

When you have been tasked to find a reliable partner that can manufacture connectors, you can always rely on our expertise here at Contour. If you are searching specifically for Micro D Connectors, then we have the aptitude to produce it for you. Whatever industry you are a part of; from manufacturing to medical, we can help.

Whether you require standard or custom connector systems, you can always rely on our technical teams to support you through the process and obtain the connector you require. Due to our trusted partnership with Ulti-Mate and ODU, we are capable of delivering Micro/Nano-D and micro strip connectors, along with circular push/pull plastic and metal connectors.

Custom Cable Assemblies
We manufacture our cabling in the far east as well as the UK; which means that we offer maximum flexibility when it comes to cable and connector manufacturing. All of our cables can be personalised to your demands, not only can you expect quality cabling, but you can expect modified cabling with your desired colour, logos, labels and cable jacket printing.

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