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Flexible Circuits For All Situations

Through the use of modern technology, Contour Electronics can develop bespoke flexible circuits to save money and space around your workplace, these are compatible with all manner of machinery. These Flexible Circuits are dependable in high vibration, controlled impedance and dynamic flexing applications.

These flexible circuits can be packaged for automation handling, or simply delivered either individually or in batch to your establishments.

We make Flexible circuits to meet your specific needs, no matter what those needs are. We’re capable of creating flexible circuits that are:

  1. Double sided – for multiple circuit board lay-outs.
  2. Multi-layer – Perfect for a number of different appliances and machines stacked; i.e a server room.
  3. Shielded – Protected flexible circuits that can be utilised in any space, including heated areas and more.

And other alternatives…

At Contour Electronics, we’re also capable of developing connectors and anti-microbial cable assemblies, perfect for matching along with the previously mentioned bespoke flexible circuits.

Whatever the needs of your machinery, you’ll get the cabling and connectors to keep things running smoothly with Contour Electronics.
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