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Flexible Circuits with Multiple Options

Specialising in the delivery of innovative electrical solutions, Contour Electronics Ltd was established in 1992 and covers a range of sectors, including the industrial, communications, medical and energy sector.

If you’re looking for a supplier of Flexible Circuits, we offer a broad range of options for systems when space, weight and cost are issues, including single-sided, double-sided, multi-layered, rigid flex, unshielded, populated and over-moulded flex circuits.

Why choose our flexi circuits?

Dependable in high vibrations, controlled impedance and when it comes to dynamic flexing applications, our Flexible Circuits are manufactured to ISO9001, ISO4001 and TS16949. Made using the latest manufacturing technologies, they can reduce the levels of complexity needed to make your products reliable.

We can also package your circuits ready for automation handling.

A proactive and flexible approach to our customers’ needs.

Based in Hook, Hampshire, we can typically deliver products within 24-48 hours and since we have a locally held inventory, you can have peace of mind every time. We offer end-to-end product lifecycle solutions, including testing and calibration, packaging, stocking and distribution.

Why not discover more about our Flexible Circuits, or get in touch today.

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