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High Quality Medical Cable Assemblies

Do you need a reliable and expert partner for the medical device industry?

If you’re looking for a company that specialise in medical cable assemblies, Contour Electronics could be the partner you’re looking for.

Contour Electronics are an innovative and reliable manufacturer of medical cable assemblies with ISO 13485 accreditation, with our speciality lying in the manufacture of over-moulded cables made using bio-compatible materials, which are sterilized by autoclave, EO or irradiation.

If you require anti-microbial cables, Contour Electronics have been incorporating SteriTouch® masterbatch into our cable assemblies for several years- a material based on ionic silver ideal for areas where resistance to organic biocides might be a problem.

This type of material has no adverse effect the on performance of the base material and is extremely durable.

Our medical cable assemblies include single-use disposable assemblies, custom mouldings, discrete cable assemblies, bespoke cables and Encapsulated PCBa.

Contour Electronics Ltd can also offer the highest quality Clean Room 7 manufacturing with our purpose-built rooms. We provide exceptional design verification and validation activities along with undertaking testing with new and unproven designs.

Our company offer a wide selection of ISO10993 compliant, bio-compatible materials to choose from. We also provide full documentation of our processes to prove regulatory compliance with medical device directives.

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