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A Highly Experienced Medical Cable Manufacturer

No other industry demands quality cables more than the medical sector, where patients’ lives are at stake and equipment can’t fail in any circumstance.

At Contour Electronics Ltd, we are a medical cable manufacturer who can produce products for even the most demanding clinical environments. Our Class 7 cleanroom is certified to produce bespoke electrical solutions that meet the most stringent needs of the medical sector.

As an innovative and reliable manufacturer of cable assemblies, Contour Electronics can produce over-moulded cable assemblies made using bio-compatible materials, sterilizable by autoclave, EO or irradiation.

We have extensive experience in both medical cable assemblies and clean room manufacturing.

Whether you require bespoke cables for an innovative piece of technology or encapsulated PCBa designed to meet industry requirements, Contour Electronics are keen to help. As a highly qualified medical cable manufacturer, our products include Single-Use, Disposable Assemblies, Custom Mouldings, Discrete Cable Assemblies, Bespoke Cables and Encapsulated PCBa.

Our services include transforming concepts and specifications through design engineering, prototyping and pre-production. We can also provide a final box into a medical device suitable for volume production.

If you’re searching for a medical cable manufacturer, discover more about Contour Electronics today.

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