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Invest In Our Medical Cable Assemblies In The UK

Providing and supplying the medical industry is one of the most important contacts that we have in the world of electronics. When medical companies come to us with a problem or an opportunity, we have to turn our attention to finding the right solution – one that innovates, improves in each situation. As such our medical cable assemblies from Contour Electronics can be trusted to offer bespoke solutions dependent on a variety of factors.

Our reputation as a cable assembly manufacturer allows us to work with some of the largest medical OEM companies across the world. To give you reassurances as to our quality, here are three reasons to trust us for medical cable assemblies:

  1. ISO accreditation: We can lay claim to ISO13485 accreditation which enhances our reputation as a safe and reputable choice for your medical cable assembly needs.
  2. Sterilisable: The medical industry demands that every aspect is controlled and checked before, during and after use.
  3. Bespoke solutions: Not every application is the same. Our ability to mould our medical cable assemblies around the specific requirements of our clients ensures we are trusted by large and small operations.

If you would like to discuss your options with our professionals, get in contact today.

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