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Invest In Our Overmoulded Cable Assemblies For Your Product

Taking control of your electronics will mean investing in the latest technologies to ensure that you have a future-proof setup which can offer you a range of benefits. At Contour Electronics we are tasked with creating bespoke overmoulded cable assemblies which will offer you an array of benefits compared to off-the-shelf products.

Our overmoulded cable assemblies are designed to befit the specific needs of our customers who vary from large-scale corporations across the world to small operations in the UK. In each case we are assigned to, we must offer a reliable service that can be trusted, no matter what scenario we are faced with.

But, how do we ensure that the right overmoulded cable assemblies are created by our manufacturing team?

  1. Consultation: Complementing your needs with our capabilities is something that guides all the projects we take on at Contour Electronics. We need to know exactly what you are looking for and whether our team can provide the right support for your needs.
  2. Creation: Tasking our Technical Team with jobs of various sizes, we will ensure that every element is taken into account.
  3. Testing: Once your overmoulded cable assemblies have been produced, we will test them to ensure compliance with your requirements to verify the design.

To discover more about our overmoulded cables, get in contact with us today.

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