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ISO 13485

The safety, reliability and quality of medical devices is paramount. Manufacturers and suppliers of materials for the medical device industry have to be committed to issues of cleanliness, safety and compliance. The ISO 13485 standard helps ensure quality management in the design and manufacture of devices for the medical industry.

Contour Electronics works with the medical device industry to achieve the highest standards. Our cleanroom facilities make this possible. We offer medical cable assembly and injection moulding manufacturing which is carried out in our cleanroom.

From bespoke anti-microbial cables to custom mouldings and single-use assemblies, we can provide the best quality, high performance products for your project.

Our experience of supplying medical cable assembles allows us to offer a bespoke solution to your needs, ensuring the success of the product and providing you with the right solution.

Whatever your cable assembly needs, choose Contour Electronics.

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