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Looking To Order Populated Flexible Circuits?

At Contour Electronics we can supply clients with the latest flexible circuits, including populated designs built to your specifications.

We live in a world which is now full of devices which use this type of circuit, from mobile phones to laptops and LCD televisions. Offering a huge range of flexible circuits, Contour Electronics can offer everything from populated to overmoulded designs.

Perfect for companies in the UK along with the Middle East and Austria, Contour Electronics regularly supply flexible circuits to a wide range of industries, including the medical sector, for which our Class 7 clean room is often used.

Ideal for times when space, weight and cost are important factors, flexible circuits can enable you to make smaller and more reliable devices.

We produce all our flexible circuits, including populated designs, using the most innovative technologies available. Our other options include single sided or double sided, multi-layered, unshielded or shielded, rigid flex and overmoulded.

Our team will work hard to ensure your flexible circuits are not only exactly as desired, but that they’re packaged for automated handling.

Our customer service team are always happy to talk about any project you’re working on. Why not get in touch today?

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