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Looking For Single-Use Cables?

All cable assemblies and connectors manufactured for the medical device market have to meet medical standard compliance and the levels of cleanliness required. Do your needs involve single-use equipment? Are you looking for single-use cables?

Contour Electronics serves the medical industry, among others. We design and manufacture medical cable assemblies for use in a wide variety of applications. We also provide medical device assembly and injection moulding in our clean room, ensuring strict cleanliness standards are upheld.

Cable assemblies for medical device customers is a specialist area for us, and we can provide what you need in line with your individual requirements. In terms of cable assembly, we manufacture single-use cables, custom mouldings and bespoke cables, among other options.

If you’re looking for a new manufacturing partner, Contour Electronics can offer the expertise and high quality products you expect. Durable, safe, reliable and with fully-secured connections, you won’t find a better service or better quality products elsewhere.

From anti-microbial to single-use cables, we can exceed all your expectations for medical devices. Choose Contour Electronics.

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