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Low Cost Cable Assemblies

Do you require affordable cable assembly manufacturing?

In any business, keeping your manufacturing costs low can be a challenge, especially when you require a technically expert service like cable assembly manufacturing. Here at Contour Electronics, we are renowned for our low cost cable assemblies, which may be available at an affordable price, but meet the highest manufacturing standards.

We have the knowledge and experience to construct a custom cable assembly to suit your requirements. When working with us, we will offer a professional and in-depth manufacturing service to suit your cabling needs.

We build cable assemblies using only trusted components and cabling from our trusted manufacturers and partners. This ensures that your interconnect system meets your requirements and the industry standards. We’ve been building and designing cable assemblies for over 20 years, and we are constantly transforming products across the globe for the better.

Our range of disciplines include fully integrated & overmouldings, complex wiring looms, custom jacketed cable, designed and manufactured, coiling, discrete wire assemblies and build to print assemblies.

During your time with us, you will be assigned a technically trained account manager who will effortlessly guide you through the process to ensure your cable assembly is exactly what you require.

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