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Medical Cable Assemblies Tested In Our Clean Room

Sterilisation is a vital element of any product that is delivered or used in a medical environment. If products that come from outside are not sterilised or the process is compromised, bacteria can be introduced to hospitals and surgeries. This is called bio-burden and is something we take very seriously at Contour Electronics when supplying any cable assemblies and electronic devices for the medical industry.

How do we ensure that our cable assemblies and devices do not carry the bioburden?

Our work at Contour Electronics spans the world and is trusted by a number of large corporations and medical institutions. Whether we are chosen for cable assembly work or for our electronic devices, we can assure the quality and cleanliness in everything we create and deliver within our ISO14644 Class 7 standard clean room.

This clean room is used to ensure that any bacteria that may have found its way onto products during the manufacturing process is removed professionally without any worries. We are committed to offering a completely bio-burden free process which can be trusted for one-off and bespoke electronic needs through to regular contract work across the UK and the world.

Our experience in the industry has ensured that no matter the size or scale of your cable assembly needs, we can be trusted for quality assurances throughout the manufacturing process.

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